Indystack provides WordPress Managed web hosting. To start working on your first WordPress site with us, all you need is to sign-up with a new account and launch a new site. That's it!

Each new account starts as a free development account that is good for 30 days. If you do not convert to a paid subscription within those 30 days, your site will be removed from our servers once it expires. Don't worry though, we'll be sure to send out some reminders before that happens. 🙂

While in development, your site will be available at an internal Indystack domain.

When you are ready to launch your site on your own domain, you'll have to use the Publish option and this is when you'll set up your paid subscription to Indystack.

If you want to build using the premium WP Bakery or Visual Composer plugins, however, you'll have to launch a paid subscription during development to utilize the premium builder plugins. Which hosting plans are available? | Indystack Documentation

To start a subscription, use the Publish option within your site's management menu. Full details are available here.