You have a few options for migrating your site to Indystack.

Note: You should disable any caching and security plugins before migrating your site to Indystack. You do not need caching plugins on our system, but you can restart security plugins after the migration is completed.

Let us handle the migration for you

We would require access to your WP-Admin panel to begin the migration process. If you would rather not provide these details, you can install the ManageWP plugin and then provide us with the access key and we can manage the migration from there.

You can also, alternatively, provide us access to your current hosting account. With full access to your host, we should not have any problems creating a copy of your website to migrate it to your Indystack account.

Alternatively, if you can provide a copy of your site's wp-content files and an .sql dump of your database, via accessible online storage, then we can migrate those files for you directly.

Reach out to us via live chat support or email to provide the full details and get the process started.

Direct Migration of WordPress Sites via ManageWP Plugin

How to move WordPress site to new hosting using ManageWP - ManageWP

If you run into any problems, at any time during your migration, do not hesitate to contact us.