Note: You should disable any caching and security plugins before migrating your site to Indystack. You do not need caching plugins on our system, but you can restart security plugins after the migration is completed.

Let us handle the migration for you

We would require, ideally, full server access to your WordPress site. However, alternatively WP-Admin panel access is enough to begin the migration process also. If you would rather not provide these details, you can install the ManageWP plugin and then provide us with the access key and we can manage the migration from there.

When sharing your login details do not send them over our LiveChat or Slack support or via email. Instead, visit and submit your credentials there. You will see the following options. Leave the lifetime at the default (3-days). Max views can also stay at the default (1 view).

Enter your server details in the primary text box, for the title make sure it is related to the site you are migrating so we can distinguish it from other requests. Include the name of your site for example.

Once your details are saved, send an email to [email protected] to share the secret link and we'll take over from there and update you on the progress via email.

Alternatively, if you can provide a copy of your site's wp-content files and an .sql dump of your database, via accessible online storage, then we can migrate those files for you directly. Any access credentials should be shared using .