Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some answers to our most commonly received questions about Indystack services.

Billing Basics at Indystack

A quick and general overview of your billing options at Indystack

Do I need to install a caching plugin?

No, Indystack is using LiteSpeed caching at the server level and as such you do not need further caching at the application level. Note: You should disable any caching and/or optimization plugins, as well as security plugins before migrating your ...

Do I need security plugins?

You can use a security plugin for application-level security. However, before the migration process starts you should disable any security plugins. You can re-enable them after the migration has been completed.

Which hosting plans are available?

Our Pricing Page has all currently available plans listed in detail. Currently, we offer single-site hosting subscriptions at $24.99/month per site. Each paid site also comes with an open slot to start developing your next site, free of charge. ...

What do I need to launch my first site on Indystack?

Indystack provides WordPress Managed web hosting. To start working on your first WordPress site with us, you can either start a paid subscription immediately, or choose to start a 30-day free trial instead. Both options require that you enter paym...

How do I access wp-admin panel directly?

How to access your WordPress admin panel directly in a browser.

What happens if my credit card expires?

You will receive a notification email from Stripe (our payment gateway) that your credit card will be expiring soon. If your credit card details are not updated in time, you'll also receive email notifications about the failed payment once it is d...

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Details on cancelling an Indystack subscription

Resolving a Missed Payment

Steps to follow to pay an outstanding invoice.

Enabling Debug Mode in WordPress

The steps you need to take to enable debugging mode in WordPress

Connecting to your site files via SFTP

The steps to follow to connect to your Indystack site files via SFTP using Filezilla or Cyberduck