How To

The Basics of Indystack

Launching a WordPress Site

To launch a new site, login to your account and navigate to the Sites section from the main menu. Click Create  a new site. You will have 2 steps to complete the creation process. In the General settings, specify your site's name and choose the...

Adding Domains and DNS Settings

Steps to add a custom domain to your Indystack site

Managing Your Site

A simple overview of some of the options you have for managing your site at Indystack

How to setup Subdomains

Subdomains follow the same steps as setting up a custom domain . Simply enter the full subdomain when prompted.

Migrating your website to Indystack

WordPress Migration options at Indystack

How do I cancel my subscription?

Steps to cancel your subscription at Indystack

Resolving a Missed Payment

Steps to follow to pay an outstanding invoice.

How to access my database (phpMyAdmin)?

Steps to find the phpMyAdmin interface for any site hosted on Indystack

How to setup SFTP/SSH Access

The steps required to setup SFTP and/or SSH access to your Indystack files

Update payment method

The steps required to update your payment method via the Indystack app

PHP Settings for your Site

An overview of your PHP options on Indystack

Connecting to your site files via SFTP

The steps to follow to connect to your Indystack site files via SFTP using Filezilla or Cyberduck

How to upgrade from a trial to a paid subscription?

Steps to convert your Indystack account to a paid subscription before your 30-day trial expires.

How do I access wp-admin panel directly?

How to access your WordPress admin panel directly in a browser.