With Indystack you can adjust PHP settings on a per site basis. This is because the resources allocated are for that site alone and each site is truly stand-alone on the server.

To view your PHP settings, head over to your Indystack account, click on the Manage option under the site you want to review settings for. Then, from the main menu choose the PHP Settings option.

You'll see all options available to you. Please note that some options are not unlimited, you may see warnings that the level you have set is too high. However, if you're getting memory exhausted errors on your site, this may relieve the issue.

Generally speaking, for example, a standard WordPress site that is properly optimized only requires 256 MB for the memory_limit variable. 512 MB should be considered the maximum, even for heavy sites. This is also the same guidance from WooCommerce and LiteSpeed.

Please note that when you click Save on any new changes, your site will be down while the PHP setting changes are applied. This can last upwards of 2 minutes.

Here's an overview of the settings available to you. If you run into any issues or require any assistance, please open a live chat request.